C a s e   S t u d i e s

The case studies constitute the application examples of the protocols. They are written with the aim of giving to the user concrete cases illustrating the various problematics and acquisition strategies described in these protocols. They are structured in the same way as these latters, from the field data acquisition to the generation of a specific graphic documentation (orthophotographies, depth maps, point clouds, 3D models, etc.)

The choice was made to multiply the number of cases, even within the same kind of artifact (outside buildings, indoor survey, etc.), in order to describe and comment as exhaustively as possible the various situations the user can meet with during the photographic acquisition.

Chapelle impériale, Ajaccio (France)

This survey serie was conducted within the context of the various experimentations carried out on the Apero and MicMac softwares, in association with the CICRP and DRAC de Corse. The aim was to realise a 3D-model of the Church indoor spaces...

Cathédrale Saint-Trophime, Arles (France)

This survey was leaded within the context of the various experimentations carried out on the Apero and MicMac softwares, during a tour of Arles. The objective was to realise a 3D-model and a complete orthophotography of the Saint-Trophime Church main wall...


Eglise Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur, Fontains (France)

This survey was made during the first testing phase conducted within the MAP laboratory. The objective was to test the abilities of Apero and MicMac to generate complete point clouds of a large size building, from a significant number of photographies...                                     

Palais du Pharo, Marseille (France)

This case study describes the method used to realize a complete façade orthophotography from high-definition photographies. The survey was made to the Pharo Palace, a former imperial house built by Napoléon Bonaparte (XIXth century)...

Chapelle de la Vieille Charité, Marseille (France)

This mission was conducted within the context of the various tests carried out on heritage buildings. The aim was to generate a full 3D model of the chapel, and an orthophotography of the main wall...

Orthophotos de façades, Arles (France)

This survey was made on the occasion of a tour in Arles, still within the context of the various experimentations made on Apero and MicMac. The objective was to acquire several façades in the city center, and to generate an orthophotography for each of them...

Eglise Saint-Eliphe, Rampillon (France)

This survey was made during the same period that Fontains Church. The aim was similar: generating a complete point cloud of a large and complex  building, from a substantial photographic acquisition...

Chapelle Saint-Jean, Marseille (France)

This case study is based on a job made within the framework of the restauration project of St James Church, issued by the DRAC-PACA. The purpose is to realise slices of the church, from a photographic survey...

Cloître de Saint-Michel de Cuxa, Codalet (France)

This case study is based on the survey conducted on Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa cloister: columns, capitals, and a few bases present on the verges. This mission is part of the Oliba project, whose aim is to create a 3D model of the present estate of the abbey. ...

Tour Philippe le Bel, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (France)

This case study is based on the survey conducted on the interior of Philippe le Bell Tour, within the context of PAVAGE project (restitution of Saint-Benezet Bridge fluvial landscape.) It concerns the second floor room...




Amphithéâtre, Arles (France)

This survey was conducted during a tour in Arles, with the aim of providing a large building acquisition example in an urban zone. Because of its size and complex morphology, the inner areas weren't taken into account...

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Fontaine Saint-Jean, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (France)

This survey is one of the first tests carried out within the MAP laboratory, about automatic point cloud generation from photographies. The objective was to realize a 3D-model and an unwrapped orthophotography of the Saint-Jean cloister's fountain (in the Chartreuse)...


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Maya bas-relief, Copan (Honduras)

The Jaguar bas-relief (roughly 3×2 m), located in the East Court of the May archaeological area in Copan (Honduras) was surveyed using a Kodak DCS-Pro calibrated camera (13 Mpx, pixel size 8 micron, 35 mm lens) and 8 images...

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Archaelogical excavation of Pava, Siena (Italy)

The heritage area of Pava is ca 60 x 50 m and was surveyed with a UAV platforms to produce documentation material and compute excavation volumes. The UAV block was acquired at a fighting height of ca 35 m ...

Aerial acquisition

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